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Waste my time.

I often talk in my critical thinking course about the internet and weblogs. It seems that a lot of my students feel that weblogging is a waste. The information is untrustworthy, and who cares about someone’s life, it’s just something losers do. Mind you, I’m giving the stronger opinions. Some of my students still aren’t sure how to use the internet.

Kevin Lim presents his own view on weblogging to a class at UB. I think he presents an interesting view on who your audience should be an whether or not this is just internet pollution. I personally have been trying to work with faculty to create their own blogs for professional and educational use. We talked about writing for the internet and reaching their students. I think it’s a shame that we don’t all use the technology available, since we all know our students are spending their free time on Facebook. And that gets at this question: why are they using facebook or myspace but not seeing the value of a blog? Why does that become “just a journal?”


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Sag this

There is a movement in Dallas to get youth to stop “saggin’. ” This movement brings about a few questions:
1) Is it your right to wear clothes the way you want, or is this racial profiling?
2) Where did sagging come from anyway?

Those organizing the movement in Dallas say that sagging started in prison and indicated that one was sexually available. But according to–a website that aims to dispel Urban Ledgends–this is incorrect. It was really due to prison clothes that didn’t fit properly. You can read more about that argument here.

My question to you: Is sagging a fashion statement or just annoying? If you do it yourself, why?

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work less, complain more

I’ll never understand some of my students. They complain about their grades, what they thought they should have gotten, how much work they put into it. But there’s no effort to meet with me, to finish in class work, to do what they need to do to improve.

Do we live in a society where we expect everything to just be handed to us? What has happened? It’s so annoying on my end. No matter how much you moan and groan I will not change your grade. I give so much feedback on my grade sheets. Does anyone read that? That right there will tell you why you earned the grade you did, what was missing and so on. Just because you think something is good doesn’t mean it met all the requirements of the assignment. Argh!

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Something in the air

It seems that a lot of people are run down and/or sick.  What do you do to keep motivated in the middle of the semester?

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Student: “I thought I did really well on that assignment!”

Me: “Did you follow the directions?”

Student: “Well yeah!”

Not to state the obvious guys, but if you followed the directions, it would show up in your grade.  If you didn’t, that shows to.  Studying and seeing me for help is always a good idea. Let’s look at the facts: I sit in my office for 4-5 hours a week ALONE. Maybe you didn’t get the grade you wanted on an assignment/exam.  Well, I’m still sitting here….

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