Waste my time.

I often talk in my critical thinking course about the internet and weblogs. It seems that a lot of my students feel that weblogging is a waste. The information is untrustworthy, and who cares about someone’s life, it’s just something losers do. Mind you, I’m giving the stronger opinions. Some of my students still aren’t sure how to use the internet.

Kevin Lim presents his own view on weblogging to a class at UB. I think he presents an interesting view on who your audience should be an whether or not this is just internet pollution. I personally have been trying to work with faculty to create their own blogs for professional and educational use. We talked about writing for the internet and reaching their students. I think it’s a shame that we don’t all use the technology available, since we all know our students are spending their free time on Facebook. And that gets at this question: why are they using facebook or myspace but not seeing the value of a blog? Why does that become “just a journal?”


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