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Since there are no classes today

Com 300–keep on with the reading I assigned.  Since you have extra time I expect fantastic questions.

Com 398–Start chapter 3-language (no questions on it)- because I do want to talk about it.

question for all of you–how reliant are we on communication and technology during times like this (bad weather, October storm, etc) and what does that say about our society?


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Hey COM majors!

Have you been checking the department website? There’s interesting links, articles, commentary, etc on there. Also an ad for an intern–yup that’s right intern with ME! So be sure you bounce over there once in awhile.

Current recent posts include an article about the state of radio, push marketing, TV pilots, and that internship. What are you waiting for?

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Com 300 reading

Here it is:

Click to access 12.pdf

or you can upload it from :here


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1950’s duty

Thanks to Natalie who found this article about what a house wife should do before her husband gets home. I found a similar citation of the home ec book in “The Bachelor Girl” by Betsy Israel, but she didn’t cite the direct home ec book. Too bad!

What do you expect when you get home from work or school?


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Well that must make for an interesting marriage

Here’s a story about a couple serving as advisers for two different presidential candidates. Do you suppose they bring their work home with them?



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Com 300: Reminder about homework

For Monday: Read chapter 2. I want to get through the intro stuff quickly so that we can get to the interesting topics sooner, that’s why I’m having you read the whole chapter. Bring 2 questions and 2 comments to class, as we talked about!

Also, look for current events to talk about-online, on the radio, the newspaper, etc.

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COm 398, reminder about homework

So today’s class was interesting. I certainly don’t have to worry about getting you guys to talk. Once again, for those of you who aren’t as comfortable–leave your comments here, I do read them!!

Don’t have the book ? Pick a couple links to read:
Cultivation theory
Masculine vs feminine
Brains and Behaviour
Gender differences –there are a ton of sub categories here, pick something!


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