COM 300: Read then comment

**comment doesn’t need to be lengthy, just name and last initial!**

Typically the people who study mass communication are on the other side of the fence: they’re studying the media not creating it. Graduate students, researchers, professors, etc. Most, if not all of you are currently involved (and will graduate doing this) in creating media: press releases, news articles, web content, radio, TV, print, PR, etc. You know-or are learning-how to create and shape messages–creating what others are studying and trying to understand.

This class provides you with an opportunity to learn how and why what you do works, as well as uncover the different roles media (as well as those in media) play.



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17 responses to “COM 300: Read then comment

  1. Solmarie S.

    leaving comment…

  2. Matthew Kushner

    I look forward to this class this semester. I have never had you in class so I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad that you have this blog. This is a neat idea that most professor’s should have to keep their students involved with the class.

  3. Jackie Guglietta

    I’m excited to learn about the underlying reasons for why people use and create media. It will give me a better understanding of what I am involved in.

  4. Kimberly B.

    I am looking forward to learning things that I did not know before.

  5. Christie Witt

    I am eager to apply what I learn in this course to my internship at a Public Relations agency. Thus far my college career, we are yet to look at a press release (in-depth), or to create any form of media.

  6. Meredith O.

    I agree with Matty K; this website is very convenient and I wish more professors took the time to create something similar. I look forward to your class!

  7. Megan F

    Sounds good. I like the blog idea, too!

  8. Matt G.

    I like this blog. I am glad I have you as a teacher again this semester.

  9. Miranda N

    Can we please talk about advertising?!?

  10. Nicole G.

    I’m excited for this class and learning more.

  11. Ryan P.

    i love that those people are on the other side of the fence. and was this the blog u were talking about before? i’d really like to see that one. and o yeah im realy excited to be in this class

  12. Tara Lacell

    I’ll be the one to sign at 12:33am, last minute of course. Haha

  13. Quinneka M.

    Again, I am excited for this class and can not wait to find out more about Mass Comm theory ! Woot woot.

  14. Krystin D.

    I’m can’t wait for this class to start

  15. Brad R

    I’m dissapointed that I’m the last to comment…..But always save the best for last!! Looking forward to your class, have heard many good things about you and your classes

  16. Shawn

    I’m not actually that late; I commute from a different time zone.

    This class sounds neat. I will try extra hard to participate thoughtfully.

  17. Shawn A

    Oh, this is Shawn Arrajj by the way.

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