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**Read, then comment. Remember at minimum the comment should be first name, last initial**

Why should we care about gender issues? Aren’t we all equal anyway? Well I assume you’re all here because you have an interest in gender and communication (or this is a better choice than other classes!) The reality is, no one walks though life not communicating with the opposite sex. And many of us have wondered “why is he/she like that?”

We might not be able to answer everything in this course but we will explore different theories about how gender/gendered ideals are formed and how it impacts various aspects of our lives: relationships, family, work, media, etc. We may talk about things that you don’t agree with or make you uncomfortable. Other than factual information, I’m not asking you to agree with anyone–me, the text, your classmates….I DO expect tolerance and lots of active listening (look it up!) Ask questions, be sure you understand each other, me, the readings, and challenge anything you feel you should–in a respectful manner!!

Questions, comments, anything you can bring into the class will be helpful. I heard some of you were a little overwhelmed (it sounds like a lot of work), but it will be second nature to you. For some of you, raising questions and challenges already is, and I expect you to be the leaders here.  I’m excited about this class and the conversations we’ll have!



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20 responses to “COM 398 Read before commenting

  1. Tawni W.

    This sounds interesting. I can’t wait to learn new things about this topic, and to expand my horizons about things I already knew.

  2. Brian M

    this is going to be one interesting semester. im willing to learn more about COM 398 .

  3. Kelsey S

    I think this class is going to bring up some very interesting topics. I’m sure everyone will have a drastically different opinion on what we cover, so that should make class full of crazy debates. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. JeNnA

    Well, men and women are different, I think we all know that and have had our share of experiences. Therefore, I feel its important to describe the gender issues that do exsist in today’s society and that way we can begin to ask why?

  5. Solmarie S.

    I can tell this class is going to be very interesting. Is going outside the box of the courses that I’m used to taking. I’m really looking forward to what we are going to get into and the debates this class will have.

  6. Natalie S

    I think I’m going to lear alot about my relationship especially with my boyfriend. I hope to learn why he does things certain ways and why I don’t. I am looking forward to maybe changing the way I think about genders and stereotypes!!

  7. Risha M.

    I’m looking forward to this class. I love talking about the differences between the sexes; especially in the context of how we both differently process information and create ideas.

  8. Claire D.

    I am looking forward to all the input both the texts, professor and classmates can offer on such interesting topics we will be looking at over the semester.

  9. Miranda N

    oooh! This is going to be fun! I’m the type to agrue my point(as you know) so talking about the opposite sex will bring lots of questions and comments from me :o)

  10. Scott M.

    I was nervous to take this class at first since I didn’t know what it was going to be about. Now that we’ve had an introduction, and I understand it better, I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  11. Nick Thompson

    I’m back for another dose. Maybe I wont be the only Devil’s Advocate this time. Slightly larger class compared to the 8 people we had for Gen 110 though.

  12. I am very excited for this class to begin and get into the nitty gritty of it all. I hope that this class isn’t as one sided as I think it is going to be. While I do wonder why he or she is they way they are, i’m rarely as narrow as minded to believe that gender has so much to do with why they are who they are. I tend to believe that people are the product of their environment and experiences and since most environments and experiences and be experienced by either gender I have become less open to believing gender holds such an influencial bearing that it would be substantial in the reasons the way people are the way they are.

  13. Quinneka M.

    I am very excited for this class, like everyone else. Though we claim to be all equal , I still think their are various points were gender bais may still be present ; hence pay for employment. I am sure this class will go above and beyond in answering my questions !

  14. Matthew M

    I am very excited for this class

  15. Krystin D.

    I’m excited for this class- it sounds really interesting!

  16. libby r

    this class sounds fun..and i want to teach so i think i need to learn more about gender issues for my potential students.

  17. Chris M

    I actually agree that we are all equal which will make things interesting when i bring up some of my opinions of double standards in the workplace during class

  18. Jordan Ellis

    Sounds Like this is going to be a very interesting and exciting class!

  19. Matt R

    I am ready to learn about gender stuff.

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