A new brand of Feminism

I heard about this on NPR this morning. COM 398-ers what do you think?

If you’ve taken SPE 130 with me you should remember me talking about mythos. Are they using mythos here to persuade these women to join?

What does this say about the state of Islamic women, about the state of global feminism and the impacts of culture?



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5 responses to “A new brand of Feminism

  1. Natalie S

    Women are being persuaded to join in the hopes that mythos or their own goodwill will soften up the men and make them more moral. But as the article points out who is to say that women are more moral and or full of good intentions than men. I myself know that sometimes I can be quite nasty, so that is a complete sterotype of women. Sure women can be kind and compassionate, but so can men.

  2. Brian M

    I belive that coming from a culture that woman where vails to hide there beauty and to live in a male dominated society, they see that rebelling is a source for change and hope. and if woman have to believe in the political extermist to recieve change so be it. Malik’s poem paints the picture for the rest of the world to see.

  3. Lily P

    I can see why these women would turn to this radical group. I can’t imagine being as supressed as these women are and have been. To grow up that way and then be told, “you can rebel, you can marry whoever you want to, you can get an education” of course they are flocking to that. Most American women of the last couple generations grew up hearing that, these women did not. I think that it is a sad reality that some of these women will die because this was the first, possibly the only place they will hear that message, this radical group is taking advantage of that. They are even going so far as to begin teaching 5 year olds that this is the kind of life you can have if you join this group.

  4. profsw

    Great insight guys! I agree with you Lily, the golden opportunity of this “freedom” that they’ve desired for so long…I can’t imagine being in their position.

  5. JeNnA

    I agree. With their intense culture at stake, changing may be very risky for these females. It is sad that they have to join this radical group to experience “Freedom”. At least they are getting a taste. But then again what is “Freedom”?

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