COm 398, reminder about homework

So today’s class was interesting. I certainly don’t have to worry about getting you guys to talk. Once again, for those of you who aren’t as comfortable–leave your comments here, I do read them!!

Don’t have the book ? Pick a couple links to read:
Cultivation theory
Masculine vs feminine
Brains and Behaviour
Gender differences –there are a ton of sub categories here, pick something!



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3 responses to “COm 398, reminder about homework

  1. JeNnA

    Perception is an interesting topic because it’s different for everyone. It is defined as the way we process, select, or interpret sensory information. The brain is complex organ in which many un explained neurological events occur and we still don’t know why or how. Although perception affects people differently, it’s important because even early psychologist, such as John Locke, had assumptions about how perception is basis of all science and knowledge.

    Cool topic.

  2. Quinneka

    I think learning about brains and behaviours will be very intresting; and might give us an insight on key conepts in gender diffrences .

  3. Miranda N

    Yeah, sorry Sarah! I do talk quite a bit.

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