Well that must make for an interesting marriage

Here’s a story about a couple serving as advisers for two different presidential candidates. Do you suppose they bring their work home with them?




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6 responses to “Well that must make for an interesting marriage

  1. Natalie S

    wow!! this is crazy. Relationships are complicated enough and these people seem to complicate things even more. I guess more power to them. I would think that their home life would be full of lots of competition and agression. If they can make it work then that is great!!

  2. Brian M

    I am amazed at this election how you have an election is mainly an election between a black man and a white woman. (there are others in this race but this is where they are concentrating) I’m sick of it. its monumental, i know but how about just talking about the issues and good luck cleaning after Bush’s mess. your going to need it.

  3. Chris M

    All i can do is read this and laugh because there are so many people out there who can get like this. they are both for Dem. candidates but they are the two big ones in the race.

  4. libby r

    wow…i think someone will be sleeping on the couch if they do bring this stuff home with them. i wish them the best of luck on surviving this thing with out a divorce. (thinks to herself- they should write a book on relationships if they do)

  5. Scott M.

    I think that as long as they keep their work lives away from their home lives, they should be alright.

  6. I can’t always work with my husband, but I can imagine essentially competing against him.

    I agree Libby! It could be a best seller.

    Brian, you made me think of something…I’m working on a post about it.

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