1950’s duty

Thanks to Natalie who found this article about what a house wife should do before her husband gets home. I found a similar citation of the home ec book in “The Bachelor Girl” by Betsy Israel, but she didn’t cite the direct home ec book. Too bad!

What do you expect when you get home from work or school?



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10 responses to “1950’s duty

  1. Brian M

    The 50’s were a different time. but now
    times have changed so Ladies if you were to rewrite this to the 2008 American woman what should the guys do? its the only way we will learn.

  2. Ok Brian here’s mine:

    1. Ask me how my day was! Please! I’m going to tell you anyway but it feels nice to be asked.
    2. Ask questions and do active listening while I talk about my day
    3. Understand that venting doesn’t mean much. Once I say it, I’m over it, it’s just how I work. Not saying it makes me think more about it–so let me get it over with. Thanks
    4. I don’t always want a hug. Just like you, I get tired and stressed and need time to decompress.
    5. Don’t ask what’s for dinner. In fact–if you have suggestions that would be fantastic. If I give you choices, pick something. I’ve been making choices and organizing people ALL DAY. This is probably the nicest thing you could do for me. Even if you “don’t care” what we have. (I don’t either).

    I’m sure there’s more but those are the most important that I can think of. What I wonder though is how individual these things are. I mean, I know #5 applies to my mom too, but the others?

  3. JeNnA

    I don’t mind if it was a real document from the late 1900’s or a email chain, either way it made me sick after reading.

  4. Dennis M

    Its is hard for me to believe that this was actually published and used. You see alot of this type of behavior in movies depicting the 50’s and what not but I did not actually think things were to this extreme. My how times have changed.

  5. Jackie G

    Just a few things after reading (which made me want to throw up…but made me realize that women have come a long way):

    1.) We get moody at times and need a nap not to be refreshed for only you but because we like to be awake for the rest of the day (our day includes other people and tasks). Naps are nice and I don’t like to think I take them in order to be the “perfect girlfriend”.

    2.) Cooking can be a great way to bond, so why not cook together? I feel a relationship should be equal. The daily jobs shouldn’t be assigned to just the man or women; they should be split amongst the couple (cleaning, making the money, ect.)

    3.) I know I like to bitch about petty things sometimes. These rantings usually mean nothing and when I realize that, it will pass. Instead of trying to comfort me by treating me like a little girl who just fell off her bike, give me space or just let me bitch to you.

    4.) Little things count, like knowing there is no milk so you grab some while you’re out. Saying thank you when I hand you your toothbrush is appreciated.

    A relationship takes both sides to make things work, not just a woman catering to all the needs of her husband as if she is getting paid.

  6. Risha M.

    I think this expressed a lot about the culture at the current time, but I think some women still keep certain ideals like this in their minds as a way to keep a man or just keep a man happy in general.

  7. Kelsey S

    After a long night of work and homework this lifestyle doesn’t seem half bad to me….

    Just kidding, i’m a terrible cook.

  8. Lily P

    Wow. I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe that not only were girls taught this, but were taught this by women most likely. WORKING women!
    I know it was a different time, but I think that even if I had grown up with these beliefs surrounding me, I wouldn’t have dealt with them very well.

    I work more hours a week than my boyfriend, maybe I should show him this so he can have dinner ready for me šŸ™‚

  9. libby r

    ummm…. NO! i dont do domestication! an my list for him would be…jus dont make me cook, please.

  10. Lisa Van V

    I have recently discovered ( I guess I always knew but it is much more apparent now), that there are some husbands that actually cause the clutter, so I guess those women had to pick up after their slobs of husbands before washing the kids faces and putting duct tape on their mouths for peace!

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