Com 300 reading

Here it is:

or you can upload it from :here



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4 responses to “Com 300 reading

  1. Solmarie S.

    I now see how media workers focus on different parts of the media. Is not all about one spectrum of it, there is different aspects to media, what is reported, how it’s reported and the quality of it’s message. This article expanded my understanding on the media world.

  2. Leon A

    After reading this, it helps me get a better understanding of how the different forms of media work.

  3. profsw

    Ok guys, but I’m going to be looking for more from you!! How does it help? Is he right?

  4. Sarah Y

    This was a very detailed way to describe the act of communication. I had trouble understanding what the reader was trying to get to at sometimes. I feel it was very wordy but I appreciate the information he gave.

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