Since there are no classes today

Com 300–keep on with the reading I assigned.  Since you have extra time I expect fantastic questions.

Com 398–Start chapter 3-language (no questions on it)- because I do want to talk about it.

question for all of you–how reliant are we on communication and technology during times like this (bad weather, October storm, etc) and what does that say about our society?



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2 responses to “Since there are no classes today

  1. Jackie G

    I find out at 7 am that we had no class today from my roommates running into my room and screaming it. They found out from their cell phone through calls and text messages. While most of us found out about classes being cancelled right away, there was still the problem of no power. We all didn’t know when it would be back on and had a hard time finding answers. So basically, we could quickly find out that we could sleep in but when we would be able to take a hot shower or watch TV on our day off was a different story.

  2. Risha M.

    I felt that since people had their cell phones tempers didn’t escalate. The students didn’t feel cut off completely because they still had cell phone usage. I feel that if cell phone usage was also down people would have become restless and would have shown that today we, as a culture, can not survive without cable, internet, light, and proper washing facilities.

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