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The REAL reason

Katie found this article about the real reason men don’t talk. My favorite line “Because even men who have feelings….” That certainly reinforces the idea that men don’t even have feelings.

Ladies and gentlemen, read the article and share your thoughts!!!


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America’s next top homeless girl

On ANTM did a photo shoot to bring awareness to homelessness by having homeless girls in the photos. WE never hear what happens to the girls at the end of the shoot. Did they get paid, how much, did the show do anything more to help these women? What IS that?


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300 and 398

So I’ll need your help tomorrow guys. Since I feel like there’s a huge watermelon in my throat and my voice is questionable, I will be relying heavily on you for class discussion and staying focused!

For 300–make sure you know the theories and do the reading. Look for outside sources (wikipedia?) on these theories. Do you think there’s a way to draw out a representation of them?

For 398–You should have questions for Chapter 2 of Dowd. I also have some questions for the men, so be prepared to talk.

Hope you all are feeling better than me and I’ll see you tomorrow!!


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Possible women’s club

Ladies, let’s meet Wednesday at 12:30 for a potential student club for women. I’d really like to turn my idea into a club. Please bring along whoever you think might be interested–doesn’t matter what their major is or whether they’re in any communication classes!!! Bring your lunch, I’ll try to bring some candy or something too, and come to my office –M033. If you can’t make it, leave a comment so we can get you caught up.

Christie-we’ll need your help to get this rolling! Thanks!

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Com 300 “that’s crap reporting”

For Monday read (from the book) pages 512-514 and pages 306-318 (it doesn’t matter which you read first really, though I suggest reading 306-318 first). Ask yourself:

  • What do I think about this theory?
  • Is it worthwhile for looking at media?
  • Is it more appropriate for a particular medium?
  • What questions or comments do I have about this theory?

Write all this stuff down so we can talk about it in class. Speaking of that, I can tell that some people are, well, less than pleased with how things are going. I’m open to feedback on things guys, I always have been. I know we get off topic, and the last few classes I’ve been disappointed in as well: people don’t have questions or comments, and it seems that a few people haven’t even read what was assigned. McLuhan should have gotten you guys worked up, as much as public TV gets Leon worked up! (Sorry Leon, I still find that funny.) These are real concepts that are being pushed off as “Communication Theories” Are they theories? (Do you remember what we said a theory was?) Is that fair? Should we just let the McLuhan’s and Postman’s speak for our field? The lack of debate makes me wonder if the class accepts that the medium is the message…or that the medium is the “massage”–which wasn’t a typo. That means that it (medium) “massages” our senses, essentially dumbing our senses, making us numb to the content, hence the “massage”.

What about other issues? Who’s responsible for the media–especially in the light of what we listened to in class today? What rights to individuals have? The media? Who needs to make sure information is correct? Where and how can we find truth (or “Truth”) in our worlds? Why, as media majors should we care about theses issues? Why should we know these theories? Does it matter to know how our messages effect audiences?

That’s where I’d like to see conversations going. Today was pretty good–talking about what the news should be, but sometimes questions that I’m asking aren’t getting answered because of the constant “off-topic” chatter. This is your field, your careers, and in reality, big issues that people talk about no matter what they do for a living. Don’t forget–for my quiet people–you can post comments here too if you’re rather not talk in class. I want to know your thoughts.


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An idea

Based on recent conversations I’ve had with students, as well as comments and questions that get brought to gender and communication (com 398) I think there might be a valid need for a student club on campus just for women. A place where they can talk about women’s issues: work-related, relationship/friendship-related, self-esteem, body image, creating an identity, etc. Said group could incorporate movie and discussions, readings and discussions and group speakers. If you’re interested (we need about 13 to have a student group) leave a comment here saying so and indicating which time is better for you to meet:

Wednesday 2/27 at either 9:30 or 12:30

Thursday 2/28 at either 11 or 2:20

Get enough people interested and we can go from there.


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Com 300

No reading for Friday. There’s a radio clip I really want you all to listen to in order to start talking about the next two theories: Agenda-setting and gate keeping. I personally feel like these two theories go hand in hand.

A lot of what we’ll be talking about next is most often studied in the context of the news. So when we start talking and covering these things ask yourself: How does it apply to the news? Can it be applied to any other genre of media?


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