Advertising! Com 300

That’s our next topic. I’m not sure how long we’ll be on it, it depends on you guys. Take notes–especially of the you tube pieces so that we can have good class discussions!

From the text read: p292-294, p342-345, p. 398-400.

What is advertising?

TV ads and unhealthy habits in children

On Commercialism

2 pieces on subliminal advertising.

Artistic piece on advertising effects

What’s too thin? Ads and Thinness

Calvin Klein ads

Drug and Tobacco ads



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5 responses to “Advertising! Com 300

  1. Leon A

    Advertising definately has an effect on children and in society today. If a kid sees something advertised, chances that they will be begging for whatever it is they see, whether it is a new video game, a recent movie release, a new toy, or even a food product.

    When it comes to thinness in ads, it seems almost stereotypical. If you get an underwear ad, the men are always buff and the women are always semi-naked.

    As for subliminal advertising? Everywhere you go, it seems to be there, music/tv/billboards. The 1st article really caught my eye, especially the part about the “suicide” supposedly caused by subliminals in the music.

  2. kimberly

    Advertisments play a huge part in our everyday life. As far as them showing these thin models, they make it seem like everyone is to look like that. The way I see it, most American women don’t look like that. I believe this is why young teens today have problems with eating disorders. They think this is the way to look. I want to know why cant they show thick women, because they do exsist in our would today. Everyone is trying to focus on the thin models and are forgetting about the thick ones. I believe models are the stereotype of young women today.

  3. Christie W

    I wasn’t surprised by the calvin klein ad. Thin women are always used to portray a ‘beautiful woman’. Unfortunately, it does put a false sense of beauty into people’s minds.

    As far as the cigarette ad, I never noticed how they use seemingly healthy people to promote their deadly product. Ironic isn’t it?

  4. ryan p

    altho the calvin klein ad has a picture of the thin women and it’s slightly seen as being attractive…. women need to start thinking about the 1800 u wore huge dresses mounds of make up and hair piece and men were still attracted to you it’s the consumer respnsiblity to themself to feel comfortable in their own skin not companies.

  5. Shawn A

    I have serious doubts as to whether changing the standard of beauty via the people we use in ads will have any enormous effect on the way we view ourselves

    I agree with Ryan to an extent; self-acceptance is something we discover on our own. Changing what is considered “normal” would merely give people a false sense of self-acceptance.

    Advertisers, in the meantime, will continue to do whatever makes them the most money. It’s up to us to interpret and judge the value of the message.

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