Langauge reading for Wednesday

Read these for Wednesday and bring questions/comments on them!

Gender and Language

Gender, Identity, and Language Use in Teenage Blogs

Japanese language differences for gender (this is different!)

Gendered language in kids books



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3 responses to “Langauge reading for Wednesday

  1. libby r

    i know guys who jump rope!…its not a girly thing.. im a girl an all i can do w a jump rope is trip myself!

  2. Chris M

    I actually am surprised about the amount of research and attention that goes into this “gender language” thing. If someone says something to me i take it at face value unless i know the person it came from.

  3. Solmarie S.

    It’s very interesting how in this culture they even have a difference in the way they speak when it comes to gender. The Japanese culture is strict on females as it is but I didn’t think that it would go as far as the way they speak.

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