Mass Com-ers

Here’s your homework! DUE: Feb 11th

Mass Com Advertising HW

Also, for some of you I’ve noticed a theme in your questions for class (that’s not a bad thing!). For others, not so much. (Again not bad). I’d like to start assigning the first response paper, but I’d like to know what you’re interested in. For example one person repeatedly asks about regulations and T.V. (you know who you are!) so her response paper will be about that. Yes, you are each getting your own topic. So is there something you’d like to explore about media, or sound off about? Look through your text, think about the questions we’ve asked in class and leave a comment here as to what you think you’d like to look into.



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10 responses to “Mass Com-ers

  1. Nicole G.

    I’ll explore the book and find a suitable topic.

  2. ryan p

    sounds fun….. kinda…i love doing papers!

  3. Megan F

    Hmm… I would like to write about thinness in advertisements that we talked about, or maybe the effect of advertisements on children (like the article we discussed). Both are interesting to me.

  4. profsw

    Meg if you do the children I have another article that you might be able to use. I’m going to read it this weekend and see if it’s any good and I’ll let you know. It’s supposed to be about advertising effects and parental effects.

  5. Ryan P

    i think i may actually wanna do like advertising and the thing we buy due to advertising

  6. Tara Lacell

    I want to talk about the impact and/or progress of television in general. Back in the day, saying the word ‘shit’ or ‘bitch’ on television caused a huge controversy. Now, in todays society, it pretty much gets classified as PG.

    I think it has potential.

  7. Tara Lacell

    Oh… and the 11th is a tuesday… Did you mean the 10th or the 12th?

  8. Tara Lacell

    I wish I could delete that last comment. I’m so smart.

  9. profsw

    Tara, you get points for 1) making me check my calendar, 2) making me laugh!

  10. Solmarie S.

    I’m interested in Media influence on our society. Especially how media affects the younger crowd’s lifestyle.

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