Nonverbals in relationships, com 398

LANGUAGE ESSAYS ARE DUE MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to COM 398 page to get the assignment. I do NOT accept LATE WORK.

These readings tie chapters 4 and 5 together. Read the following for Monday please!

Homosexual relationships and NV

Heterosexual relationships and NV

Long-term marital satisfaction

Research proposal on gay men and conflict, by me!*

*Note: a research proposal is something that hasn’t been done yet, thus being proposed as a needed investigation. This was done for a graduate class.



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12 responses to “Nonverbals in relationships, com 398

  1. The first two articles up there arent working for me. I clicked on both and both didnt work…sorry!!!

  2. profsw

    Try again, I’m at home and I got it. If you still have problems e-mail me and I will try e-mailing you the articles.

  3. Natalie S

    Why do men and women have to be so different? I love the class and im learning so much. But my question is, how are we to co-exist with each other when we have so many differences and differences that we dont even understand? I’m becomming a bit cynical I think,but I guess I can see why the divorce rate is so high. Men and women dont even understand themselves let alone each other.

  4. Natalie, I’m glad you love the class. I have to admit that I’m always surprised by what sets the group off and what doesn’t.

    I think you hit the nail on the head by saying that men and women don’t even understand themselves. There are so many things that we do that can cause us to think “why do we do that?” Like, why are women so mean to each other and doesn’t it hinder us form moving forward in the world? On a broader note, not knowing yourself and who you are can severely damage a relationship. Knowing that, and knowing that men and women are different can save you a lot of grief. There are times when my husband says something or does something and I reply “wow, we’re so different!” Trying to change a person or not recognizing these differences, I think, is what causes many fights.

  5. Brian M

    after reading these i got comments and questions that are to long for this forum ill wait till Monday.

  6. I’m getting frustrated with my computer…i’ll click on the article and then a box comes up that says find…..its probably my computer because none of the articles will work…sorry i got back to you so late its been a weird weekend for me…if you could email them to me that’d be great…thanks!!!

  7. Scott M

    I’m having the same problems as Katie.

    The articles wont open on my computer for some reason…

  8. Krystin D.

    I’m also having the same problems! I can’t see the articles either.

  9. profsw

    e-mailing now…

  10. Katie M.

    GOT IT!!! I dont get what the computers at school have on my computer at home. That was weird, but i got the articles once i logged in at school. Thanks!!!

  11. Claire D.

    We talked in class yesterday about when men and women fight and if we know that men are going to explode that women should just leave them be instead of trying to keep up the conversation because they want to get things resolved…why should the women be the only ones giving in? If it has been documented how men and women react while arguing, why can’t they give a little too? Men should realize and come to grips with their emotions too shouldn’t they? I thought a relationship was supposed to be 50/50?

  12. Good question. Let’s pose that to the class tomorrow!

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