Distraction and Procrastination

Because I am the queen of both….

I am really addicted to improving my score on this. I’ll admit, it’s not great and I don’t have my fingers on the right keys. At least I’m not playing video games, right?



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9 responses to “Distraction and Procrastination

  1. Leon A

    very interesting site……..

  2. Miranda N

    aw! im addicted to this!

  3. lol, so it’s not just me! I get so competitive and want to improve my score…but I don’t!

  4. Meredith

    I…can’t…stop!? Is this a valid excuse to not do my homework?

  5. Tara Lacell

    I married a goat.

  6. Jackie G

    Well I’m the queen of migraines so I tried but….ouch.

  7. Christie

    this is addicting! haha

    ps- i still like paris hilton lol

  8. Scott M.

    I don’t find it addicting…
    (Probably because I suck at it.)

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