Down with gay penguins!

Well this certainly caught my attention! Are our children doomed?



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5 responses to “Down with gay penguins!

  1. Miranda N

    I really don’t see a problem with this. Young children can see gay couples everyday with their own kids. Whether they’re walking down the street or in a grocery store. This is more common now and people should learn to accept it. As long as they’re happy and enjoy eachother, that’s all that matters.

  2. Leon A.

    I agree with what Miranda is saying. If they want to be like this, it is their own decision. Somebody who doesn’t agree with it, must learn to live with it. So what if two penguins are playing for the same team, they are just penguins!

  3. Brian M

    Where did you get information like this? is there anything America cant complain about?

  4. profsw

    It was totally random, I just logged in to post something and this came up as a popular post so I read it. Like the penguins made a choice and said “let’s tick people off and be gay!”

  5. Lisa Van V

    I survived growing up with Bert and Ernie and my boys don’t tell me that Sponge Bob and Patrick are queer even though they call themselves bff!

    Perhaps bringing up the subject when they are young and not muddled with prejudice, they will be more accepting than the majority of adults out there.

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