Com 300 “that’s crap reporting”

For Monday read (from the book) pages 512-514 and pages 306-318 (it doesn’t matter which you read first really, though I suggest reading 306-318 first). Ask yourself:

  • What do I think about this theory?
  • Is it worthwhile for looking at media?
  • Is it more appropriate for a particular medium?
  • What questions or comments do I have about this theory?

Write all this stuff down so we can talk about it in class. Speaking of that, I can tell that some people are, well, less than pleased with how things are going. I’m open to feedback on things guys, I always have been. I know we get off topic, and the last few classes I’ve been disappointed in as well: people don’t have questions or comments, and it seems that a few people haven’t even read what was assigned. McLuhan should have gotten you guys worked up, as much as public TV gets Leon worked up! (Sorry Leon, I still find that funny.) These are real concepts that are being pushed off as “Communication Theories” Are they theories? (Do you remember what we said a theory was?) Is that fair? Should we just let the McLuhan’s and Postman’s speak for our field? The lack of debate makes me wonder if the class accepts that the medium is the message…or that the medium is the “massage”–which wasn’t a typo. That means that it (medium) “massages” our senses, essentially dumbing our senses, making us numb to the content, hence the “massage”.

What about other issues? Who’s responsible for the media–especially in the light of what we listened to in class today? What rights to individuals have? The media? Who needs to make sure information is correct? Where and how can we find truth (or “Truth”) in our worlds? Why, as media majors should we care about theses issues? Why should we know these theories? Does it matter to know how our messages effect audiences?

That’s where I’d like to see conversations going. Today was pretty good–talking about what the news should be, but sometimes questions that I’m asking aren’t getting answered because of the constant “off-topic” chatter. This is your field, your careers, and in reality, big issues that people talk about no matter what they do for a living. Don’t forget–for my quiet people–you can post comments here too if you’re rather not talk in class. I want to know your thoughts.



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3 responses to “Com 300 “that’s crap reporting”

  1. Solmarie S.

    You know I always have something to say;) Class is great and I do learn a lot from the discussions and other people’s opinions. Yes, I must admit that we do get off topic at times and yes we should try to control that but everything else is going just right.

    I feel like my major is what I was meant to do with my life because I love it. So I do care about the media and everything about it and even though I’m more in to celebrity news more than anything I have started to watch the news more because I understand how important it is to keep in touch with the world especially when media comm. is my major. The news might be boring at times, but how can you “spark up” the news, it’s news and that means it’s reality (going back to Friday’s class). And yes we may see the same thing in maybe all the local news channels but if that’s what is going on, then that’s what we will hear about. Turn to the international news if you want to see something different. Ok I’m done.

  2. Matty K

    I love Public TV. Sesame Street is the best!

  3. Ryan P

    like the thing about class is yes we get off topic but i also think it’s good at time being in media you have to read people and there is much we can learn from each other. the fact that we talked about public tv and leon think there is “hiden messages” and stuff in it makes it easier to read each other and the mass media market so whoever is getting worked up about this need to take a zanex and chill out

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