300 and 398

So I’ll need your help tomorrow guys. Since I feel like there’s a huge watermelon in my throat and my voice is questionable, I will be relying heavily on you for class discussion and staying focused!

For 300–make sure you know the theories and do the reading. Look for outside sources (wikipedia?) on these theories. Do you think there’s a way to draw out a representation of them?

For 398–You should have questions for Chapter 2 of Dowd. I also have some questions for the men, so be prepared to talk.

Hope you all are feeling better than me and I’ll see you tomorrow!!



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3 responses to “300 and 398

  1. So i found this article and i thought you’d be interested in it…as well as our entire class haha….


  2. profsw

    I’ll put in a post, this is good. Thanks Katie!!

  3. Nikki G.

    I feel as though Wednesday’s class was a solid class. The discussions pertained to theory and weren’t directed toward Britany Spears or Paris Hilton. I find it fascinating that the media is so powerful and people I don’t think realize this. I work for the Metro Source and people call me constantly asking for my help, etc. They say I’m pretty much the only media outlet that has returned their phone calls. It is sad that the general public can not easily access the media. Kind of on the censoring topic the Source won’t print something if it offends the advertiser. That is understandable in the business sense but when you are jeopardizing the public’s right to know that becomes problematic.

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