America’s next top homeless girl

On ANTM did a photo shoot to bring awareness to homelessness by having homeless girls in the photos. WE never hear what happens to the girls at the end of the shoot. Did they get paid, how much, did the show do anything more to help these women? What IS that?



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8 responses to “America’s next top homeless girl

  1. Christie W

    are they real homeless people? so they just go search the streets before filming ANTM? haha that may be a stupid question.

  2. Leon A.

    I guarantee you they told them something like “we will get you lunch” or “we’ll give you $20 to do this” & gave them nothing in return. All that show does is glamorize skinny women who either will be or are going to be coke fiends. i am sorry, but reality tv isn’t reality anymore, its garbage.

  3. profsw

    Exactly! When were we going to hear how this brings awareness to the homeless? or at least what they did for these girls?

    Was reality TV ever reality?

  4. Solmarie S.

    That is so stupid. Reality TV takes it so far that you can tell how fake it is just from hearing about it. I feel sorry for the girls that actually played in this and most likely just got camera time in return. I agree, reality TV is garbage.

  5. Jackie G

    Well duh, not eating gets you in front of cameras.

  6. Scott M.

    Maybe they were paid in McDonalds?
    (sorry, this is a horrible comment.)

  7. Quinneka M.

    Two of those people are not girls. They were featured on a transgender mini series on MSNBC. haha.

  8. profsw

    fantastic. what a joke then, that they weren’t even girls.

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