The REAL reason

Katie found this article about the real reason men don’t talk. My favorite line “Because even men who have feelings….” That certainly reinforces the idea that men don’t even have feelings.

Ladies and gentlemen, read the article and share your thoughts!!!



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5 responses to “The REAL reason

  1. Miranda N

    Okay…well…at the end of the article it says just to give “him” some space. I don’t know if that really works though. I’ve done it and it seems like I’m being distant and not being open enough. ( So I’m told) What do the guys think about this?

  2. Solmarie S.

    The article does make sense. But now I’m thinking that guys are just scared to open up because we might talk too much. Do we talk too much? Is that the reason why they are afraid of starting a conversation?

  3. Natalie S

    I dont think it is the whole talking part that bothers us women. This article makes it sound like we get upset because men dont talk. NOT TRUE. I think its a matter of connectedness. You can be with someone and not engage in conversation but still feel very close and connected. Or you can engange in a conversation and have the other person not really into the conversation. I think it all boils down to the fact that we want to feel that “connectedness”. Sometimes yeah it is by talking, other times just sitting next to someone, or doing something fun can create that same feeling!!

  4. libby r

    guys do need to unwind..and it wouldnt hurt us girls to let them. but i think that maybe the guys should start the comunication when thier ready then. if it was a bad day go read on the toliet like u always do and then take ten to yourself but come an give us a hug or sumin once ur past the “wholy sh**” part of the day. let us know ur still happy with us at least.

  5. Chris M

    I can attest to some of this being true, depending on what i’ve done during the day, 1 of 2 things will happen, when i get home i might hang around for 10 min and then go into my room and occupy myself till work, OR i might actually have a conversation, it depends on my stress levels, also sometimes giving an answer can lead to even MORE questions, so sometimes i feel like im damned if i do or damned if i don’t.

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