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Don’t call me Bimbo

So apparently there’s a site, a game actually, called Miss Bimbo. (Which is currently down, so I’m not linking to it.) It’s causing quite the uproar. What are your thoughts?

ETA: I was able to get on the site at home, try it yourself:



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Media theory relates to what?

To prove I didn’t make it up: from Fox News.

If you missed the comment about the toilet story: here it is (thanks Miranda).

Consider these stories, as well as other ones we talked about in class, in light of chapter 18. How does/can media effect our society? Our Culture? Why are these “news items”? Are they important? if so, why? Lastly, what’s the audience (receiver, mass) thinking?

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Com 300 homework

Can you tell me 2 things that were in the news over break? Can you tell me any news items related to communication? Bring these topics to class.  We’ll also be moving on with effects theories: to one of my favorites: Cultivation Theory.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS for Com 300 and 398!!!

  • There will be no classes Wednesday 3/26. I will be returning much too late from break. Please check here for Friday’s homework.
  • There will be no office hours Wednesday 3/26
  • 398: for Friday, read chapter 6 and bring 2 questions about the reading to ask the class.
  • 300:Your homework will be posted tomorrow.
  • Sorry for the short notice: drop me an e-mail if you have questions.

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Direct effects

direct effects read it! Indirect is not the total opposite, but you should be able to figure it out form this reading.


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Com 300 Midterm study guide.

Now that I’ve written the midterm, I can better tell you the format and what’s on it. It will be 10-12 multiple choice. The rest is short answer. In this class we have read the following from the text: chapter 1, 2, p50-62, 81-86, 292-294, 342-345, 398-400, 308-318 and 512-514, as well as McLuhan and Lasswell.  We will NOT be covering Marxism on this exam. (we will on the final instead).

So what’s on it? Continue reading


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COM 398 Midterm study guide

The midterm will be mostly short answer, but there are two essay questions, worth 20 points each. I am being extremely generous and giving you the essay questions ahead of time. Continue reading


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