My heart belongs to you


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8 responses to “My heart belongs to you

  1. megfitz

    that was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life! did you visit his homepage? the story is so sad.

  2. libby r

    if ppl wana give free hugs..i say we let them give them..cause sometimes u really jus need a hug.

  3. Chris M

    I love this video for a lot of reasons, 1. i would be that me with the sign, no lie i like to give hugs, odd i know but there is a lot of comfort in them for me, 2. the video shows what can happen when people get together and work toward a common goal.

  4. Miranda N

    Way cute! I love giving hugs. It makes people’s day a whole lot better :o)

  5. Leon A

    Hugs are good, people are always looking for a hug, especially when things are going wrong.

  6. Krystin D.

    it’s true sometimes you really do just need a hug

  7. Kelsey S.

    hmm..i think i’ve seen this before…

  8. Natalie S

    I love this!!!! why cant we be more like that and just give hugs without judging classifying or stereotyping????

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