And now this

I’ve seen it beforebut perhaps you haven’t. Is it a parody or reality, anyone?



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4 responses to “And now this

  1. Miranda N

    That is so reality. More people can recognize Britney Spears over a city in Afghanistan. To be honest, that’s pretty sick too. Knowing more about celebrities and their personal lives IS more important than knowing that 60 Americans died in the Iraq in one day. I blame the media for doing this and brainwashing the people not just in America but people all over the world. Who gives a flying sh*t what Britney Spears does. I know I dont! (sorry for the rant but it pisses me off to no end)

  2. Leon A.

    I agree with Miranda. It is sad that today’s society knows more about Britney or Paris than they do about what REALLY matters in the world.

  3. Solmarie S.

    I agreed with everything because it’s true. Society is lost in the world of sugar coated unecessary news. We need to pay attention to what is happening to this world and how to fix it, not celebrities (as entertaining as they can be).

  4. Christie W

    Miranda could not have said it better.

    Airing stories about Britney and Lindsay (NOT PARIS) is a perfect example of agenda setting. By discussing it on the news so often, it makes people think it’s important and newsworthy.

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