Study skills for the faint of heart.

So I thought I’d ask the experts: YOU. I am tutoring a high-schooler who is struggling a great deal, with just one class. She’s a straight A student in everything but this class (AP Bio for those asking). The topic is one she could care less about, the book is…well not the best book I’ve ever seen for students…and she doesn’t seem to be getting much out of the class. I have made a series of suggestions for helping her teach herself, as well as meeting with her to go through homework and projects. Part of the problem (I think) is that this has been such a pain for her for so long that she just can’t find a way to care. I don’t entirely blame her.

Surely you have all had classes where you need/want to do well but are essentially on your own–due to difference in learning/teaching styles, a challenging text, etc. What do you do to study for such classes? What do you do to teach yourself in general? I will be passing on your suggestions to my young friend.



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3 responses to “Study skills for the faint of heart.

  1. Christie W

    I can TOTALLY relate. For me, that dreadful class is math…ahhh!!

    What I used to do was basically ignore everything the teacher said/taught in class (strange I know). Then I would go home and re-teach myself everything using the textbook.

  2. Natalie S

    note cards…. it sounds simple and its really time consuming.. but thats the best way for me..

  3. Risha M.

    Sometimes I look things up online… If there is something out there that can break it down for me using relatable or understandable terminology then I can better understand it for myself. I google theories and concepts that sometimes might seem too complex and it usually helps me…goodluck.

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