Com 300 Midterm study guide.

Now that I’ve written the midterm, I can better tell you the format and what’s on it. It will be 10-12 multiple choice. The rest is short answer. In this class we have read the following from the text: chapter 1, 2, p50-62, 81-86, 292-294, 342-345, 398-400, 308-318 and 512-514, as well as McLuhan and Lasswell.  We will NOT be covering Marxism on this exam. (we will on the final instead).

So what’s on it?

  • 4 main perspectives to media theory
  • Agenda Setting
  • Gatekeeping
  • Lasswell’s communication model and 3 functions of media
  • McLuhan and his hot/cool media
  • SMRC model
  • 4 things mass media impacts (chpt 1)
  • Direct and limited effects
  • Def. of Normative, of mass media, of mass and of public.
  • Characteristics of early newspapers
  • themes/issues in mass communication
  • Difference between Dominance and Pluralism
  • Factors of news selection (related to gatekeeping reading)
  • Symbolic interactionism
  • Mass communication process (p56)
  • Film as mass medium
  • 3 early perspective on media and society.

A lot of this is from your text and was talked about in class. See you Wednesday for the review–where you need to bring your questions.



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3 responses to “Com 300 Midterm study guide.

  1. Tara Lacell

    I have already told you that I’m leaving for Florida on Thursday right? And that everything will be handed in to you by Wednesday?


    I believe you said something about putting the midterm in the Academic Skills Center? Yes.

    I’m Jesus.

  2. Tara Lacell

    Actually… is it possible that I can have go to the review on Wednesday and take test in the ASC after class? I could use some review.

  3. Tom Foolery

    is it possible to cancel the exam?

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