COM 398 Midterm study guide

The midterm will be mostly short answer, but there are two essay questions, worth 20 points each. I am being extremely generous and giving you the essay questions ahead of time.

1) Maureen Dowd postulated that the sexual revolution (feminist movement) was unsuccessful. What reasons does she give for why this is so? (note: leave your opinion out of this, I want to know what she thinks, not you).

2) To what degree to men contribute to gender inequalities? Women? Which sex is more unequal? Make a clear and concise argument, answering all the questions, citing class discussions, personal experience and what you’re read so far this semester.

Also on the midterm:

  • 4 functions of language
  • 4 perspective/theories (see chapter 2)
  • Difference between sex and gender
  • Knapps relational model (be able to put all 10 stages in order)
  • 4 spacial zones (from NV com)
  • Functions of NV com (p 134)
  • ID 2 conflict strategies and explain 1 of them (chapter 5)
  • Review the difference between same sex relationships (friendships in particular, but you may consider homosexual relationships), according to the text (chapter 5)


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8 responses to “COM 398 Midterm study guide

  1. Katie M.

    when is the midterm?

  2. profsw

    Friday, this week!

  3. Katie M.

    oh goody! I’m super pumped!

  4. Miranda N

    I’m kinda confused on what numero two is asking. Can you explain a wee bit more?

  5. profsw

    Are we Irish Miranda?

    I will explain it more in class, in case others are confused too, ok?

  6. Miranda N

    ah okay. (I’m not Irish by the way)

  7. Natalie S

    Ok…. I need to rant about something. Why in the world is the governors wife “standing by her man”? He obviously didnt honor their marriage vows, so why should she now? I just dont get it. It kinda makes me wonder how feminism will ever get anywhere when we have women like this who let men walk all over them and do wrong and they take them back. Is it just me???

  8. Lily P

    No, it’s not just you.

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