Direct effects

direct effects read it! Indirect is not the total opposite, but you should be able to figure it out form this reading.



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2 responses to “Direct effects

  1. Miranda N

    okay..I’m sorry about how random this is BUT I was procrasinating badly and I came over this article. I’d sit down if you read this…or maybe not ;o)

  2. Solmarie S.

    To the lady in the toilet article: How is it possible that things like this happen? Didn’t this lady have family or friends? Somebody other than her boyfriend! Somebody should have found this to be abnormal and should have got her help! She obviously needed psychological help and she had a phobia to get out into the real world and most importantly the rest of her house. Wow almost shocked me as much as the lady who got a new anus by mistake of the doctors.

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