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Killing us softly 3

Go here to watch one clip of the video (if you need a review or missed it). Along the side where it lists related videos, there are other clips of the video, so check them out too.

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News, privacy, ethics and other issues

Channel 7’s issues

This bit of what would you do really bugged me. Watch the actual video footage (after the commerical).

Rights to privacy issue? You decide.


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COm 398, due on Friday

Watch the following 2 videos: (and check the reading below)

“It’s hard to be transgender”
Dad reacts to transgender child.
For more on the show go here

The reading: Login to medailleone on library databases then click on CQ researcher. Once there, type in transgender and select the article called Transgender Issues. There are many sections to it, so pick one section and read it and bring in comment/question on what you thought was interesting. Same with the videos–comment/questions on those too!

**A note on tolerance:
I was very upset today to have 2 student approach me with remarks about not wanting to hear about other people’s sexuality, or asking me whether or not someone is bi. First off, it’s NEVER appropriate to ask a professor something like that. A person’s sexual orientation is their information to share, not mine.

Second of all, we are not in an evangelical, Christian school. We are also not in a bubble world. These issues are real, they are a part of our society whether you agree with them or not. The class is called Gender and Communication, therefore we talk about all aspects of gender not just about the straight people. At the end of the day, I am not expecting anyone to agree with everything that’s presented in class but I FULLY EXPECT TOLERANCE AND RESPECT. Everything that your peers do has had my prior approval, which means you should be able to find something of value from what is talked about. You are all adults.


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Final Exam info for 300 and 398

Com 300



Com 398

essay questions for com 398 final


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Marriage bill of rights?

So there’s the Wife’s bill of rights and the Husband’s bill of rights.

Before I bother to comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts!


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