Com 300 Wed. class

Based on our class discussion Monday and the questions that you all turned in, I think we need to spend a lot more time on Chapter 18, as well as talking about media responsibility, effects, and race issues. Please remember to bring your books to class on Wednesday so that when I refer to a page you can flip to it.

I don’t buy into the concept that 1) we blame the media for everything, 2) that nothing should be done about it, 3) that some of you who don’t speak don’t have opinions (you know who you are-and you have good questions!) We’ll be working through some of the questions that got turned in that are really good. Others of you should be concerned: your question are not very good, not a reflection of the reading and you’re not participating in class. I believe you know who you are as well.

So while there’s no formal assignment, I expect you to bring your books and be familiar enough with Chapter 18 to answer the questions we’ll be going over.



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6 responses to “Com 300 Wed. class

  1. abbykathryn

    Hey there mentor…..

    as a seasoned media student & a future teacher I would love to come in and sit on your class. I love communication & every thing involved…..well duh because I’m a comm student and I’m perusing it in my graduate studies.

    Sarah…you better come see me in South Carolina because you’re the reason I’m going 🙂

  2. Matty K

    Yes, the media is blamed for everything! I totally believe that! haha. Well maybe I don’t. Sarah you will have to convince me.

  3. Nikki G.

    I strongly think that the media influences people to some degree. When people are on film they act differently and their mannerisms change. Also I notice more people who lack common sense or are extremely dumb since The Simple Life came out. People try to hard and act like Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie. Young girls began dressing like Britney Spears when she first came out however parents were allowing this to happen so the parents are to blame as well. Society though should take a step back and really look at what they are caught up in and how unimportant and unnecessary most of what they watch and whom they copy really are. Most putside the U.S. laugh at Americans because they are so caught up in other people’s lives.

  4. Leon A.

    I happen 2 agree with Nikki, she couldn’t have said it any better

  5. profsw

    Me too, I think that that Nikki described it very well. (as she did in the questions she turned in as well!)

    Covering parents and the media for blame is fair, but why aren’t we stepping back and seeing how stupid we look? When I spoke with my Finnish friends about not understanding what constitutes American Culture–they immediately said Hollywood. Is that the best we can put out there?

  6. Christie W

    I don’t think we can blame Paris or Nicole for our society’s lack of intelligence. As we take a step back to look at how rediculous we look, part of that should include taking responsibility for our own actions.

    I do agree that American’s can be ignorant — and slightly embarassing from a culture standpoint. However, we as individuals can (and should) take it upon ourselves to travel the world to educate ourselves. There are many more cultually-rich cities to visit, instead of Hollywood.

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