ok, WHAT?

Pregnant man. No joke.

ETA: if you want more info go here and view the Youtube videos.



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4 responses to “ok, WHAT?

  1. libby r

    ok…so when can we get a man (that was born a man) pregnant?

  2. chris m

    i dont find this to be such a big deal…. he used to be a woman all that happened was a sex change so its still possible for that individual to get pregnant. i dont feel its news worthy but if you showd me a real man who got pregnant then u have my attention

  3. Phil MeInn

    this story shouldn’t be a story it’s pretty clear how (S)he got pregnant…..please clue me into the big deal

  4. Brad

    the real interesting story will be when the kid is older and kills his parents for doing such a stupid thing

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