Music and culture

How does music effect culture? Does it influence our children? Will the world end if children hear the F-word b/c it can be aired on Canadian radio?



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5 responses to “Music and culture

  1. Scott M.

    A child is going to hear the “F” word sometime in their life. It’s up to the parent to let the child know that it’s not all right to say.

    I’d rather not shelter my child from such things… it’s just a word.

  2. profsw

    good response Scott, I agree. I feel like this lends it self to the next step–that we can’t listen to certain music at home b/c it might influence our children. (gasp). Sure it might but just explain it to them.

  3. Tawni W

    I feel that children will hear the “f” word throughout their life, I’ve heard it plenty of times, including in music. I grew up where my mother let me listen to any music I wanted b/c it was an expression of my personality in a way, but she also taught me that if I listened to this type of music that it wasnt ok for me to talk that kind of language as well. But yes I think that music has a great influence on children, but not that the world will end..that’s just ridiculous. Plenty of people swear in our society, we just need to teach our children the right and wrongs of it.

  4. Chris

    Do it. Responsibility is supposed to lie with the parents anyway for what their kids listen to.

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