300: read for Monday

Read the one page you skipped in Chapter 18, which covers diffusion.

Also read this from Wikipedia and this which covers the profiles of different adopters. Have 2 questions/comments form the reading.

Lastly, play the game and write up (TYPED) what you did, how successful you were and what your thoughts were. This is FOR CREDIT. should be about 2-3 pages. Have fun!!

Note: you’ll also want to go here to look at an upcoming assignment. We will discuss it in class on Monday.



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4 responses to “300: read for Monday

  1. Miranda N

    Does this mean we don’t have class on Friday? or is jus the assignment for Monday?

  2. profsw

    Just the assignment, we have class.

  3. Brad

    so i’m in the middle of playing game…..and i’ve got to be honest, i don’t understand why we are playing or what i’m supposed to write about. i don’t know maybe it’s just me

  4. Christie Witt

    Brad, I agree. I’ve been writing my paper on and off all day, and I still don’t really understand the assignment haha


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