How do I find Empirical Research Articles?

Empirical means research was done by the authors: a study, a survey, observation, a lab experiment, etc. That means, no “reviews of literature” type articles, where the authors tell you the history of such and such.

One obvious step for finding these articles is to Medaille Library. See that part that says “find articles”? USE IT!

You may also use Google Scholar. I really like using this because you find a lot of different things. You can search by author (McCombs and Shaw, when searching for Agenda setting articles for example), or subject. Advance search lets you narrow down the year too.

Get cracking!



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2 responses to “How do I find Empirical Research Articles?

  1. Solmarie S.

    I already chose the topic I want to talk about and I have started on some of it. Can more than one person have the same topic?

  2. profsw

    I’d prefer not, Solmarie. Can you just give me your topic choice on Monday so that I make sure no one else does it? (this is for Com 300 right?) Thanks!!

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