Social learning video

A contemporary and moving video on social learning.



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4 responses to “Social learning video

  1. Leon A.

    This is a very strong video. I feel they hit it right on the button with the message at the end “Children see, children do”.

    While we are in our younger stages of life, we develop a mindframe where between the ages of 3-7, when we see something happening in the terms of what was shown in this video, we as kids tend to have that copycat mentality where we think “We have to act like that just because this is what we are viewing”. I know that if I had a dollar for everytime I did what these kids did in this PSA, I would most likely be a rich s.o.b, I was a bad kid 😦

    But as parents we need to remember that our kids are influential & seeing us acting racist towards another human being, giving the finger to a passer-by, littering in a public place, they will do the same thing. We need to teach them right from wrong. I know that we do, but there are parents out there that need to understand this situation.

  2. libby r.

    umm.yah that message at the end is acurate. and that video is scary because children do as they see us doing. makes you think twice about your words and actions.

  3. Miranda N

    i guess the saying still remains…Monkey see,Monkey do. Children look for role models at a young age and most of the time it’s their parents. Parents are so influencal on children and I think that they’re becoming unaware of that. Adults are so worried about how their lives are and not really about their children’s. That is honestly what is wrong with today’s society. The world is becoming so busy, that children learn different morals and sometimes these are bad. This video should be played during dinner hour and possibly during big sporting events when the viewership is high. Maybe, just maybe, thinking before acting will start happening. :o)

  4. Lisa Van V

    Now I am depressed… It does make me a bit more aware of what I say and do around the boys at home, although I do know that I slip at times with my big mouth! I can see all that stuff happening in this world, and I truly believe that some people were not meant to be parents.

    Do I get extra credit for missing so many classes?????

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