Com 398: re-airing of TV shows

The plan: Re-watch both Mary Tyler Moore Shows on Monday 4/21 from 12:40-1:40.

Re-watch both Everybody Loves Raymond shows on Wednesday 4/23 from 12:40-1:40.
We will be in the TV studio!
Bring your lunches!



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2 responses to “Com 398: re-airing of TV shows

  1. Katie M.

    I’m not going to be able to make the Monday showing…I’m on the exec. board of two clubs and one (Student Government) is planning for the End of the Year Banquet….and i have to be at that meeting from 12:30 till 1:30 that day…Wednesday i should be able to be there though…Howcome we’re not able to just watch them in class like we’ve done before? Just curious…see you friday!

  2. profsw

    we already watched them in class once, this is so that whoever missed it the first time or wants a refresher, they can see it again!

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