Marriage bill of rights?

So there’s the Wife’s bill of rights and the Husband’s bill of rights.

Before I bother to comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts!



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3 responses to “Marriage bill of rights?

  1. Solmarie S.

    They were both interesting but yeah some of them are kind of weird. The right to flirt? You just don’t admit to that;)…..And for the husbands, the right to teach our children how to burp and fart? Ewwww and it’s not something you have to learn how to do. It was a nice attempt at something different to write about, I guess.

  2. Natalie S.

    wow. this was wayyy to funny. I like that men can atleast aknowledge that women are strong and independent. Sure, I have no problem with somone holding the door for me or giving up a seat once in a while, but when its all the time, thats really not cool!!

  3. Quinneka M.

    It seems like these ammendements in both of these bills are excuses to bad behavior. I found it extremely funny … wow we wonder why America has the highest divorce rate..

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