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In shock

I really just can’t believe the semester is starting so soon! In a two weeks we start classes. Many of you may not know, but faculty technically start tomorrow. Meetings, information sessions, faculty development sessions, you name it, it’s going on, all before you show up for classes!

There’s been a lot of changes since we all left in May. The TV studio is being updated (more information and pictures to come!). WMCB will featuring a new webpage soon, so be looking for that link! I’ve heard the newspaper staff has been working hard all summer as well (take a break guys!). Many of you had internships, and I’ll be looking for you to write about your experience on our main page, so please submit something as soon as you can!

I have a lot of plans for all of you this semester, so be checking back here. And welcome back to all my previous students, I’m always glad to get comments from you!!

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