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Does this mean we should suspend class?

Ok, don’t really answer that, but check out Colbert’s response to McCain’s recent statements.

Sticking with politics, what would you do if your workplace told you you couldn’t have political bumper stickers? How far is too far on the college campus?


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Com 475

I sent you all an e-mail to please take a survey for me about having a job hunting/resume workshop. I’m willing to give up class time for it but only if enough people want it. The link is below so if you haven’t taken it, please do!!
Click Here to take survey

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Class for tomorrow (9/25) is canceled. Sorry for the short notice

Save Issue 8 questions and comments for next Tuesday.

And opinion question: would you like me to host a workshop on resume and cover letter writing during your class? I’ll only do it if you want it.


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Com 475

Read this article in addition to read Issue 3 in the text. The article is from Human Communication Research Journal. (Considered one of the top journals in our field).

Exposure to Television Portrayals of Latinos (HRC article)

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End women’s suffrage

I can’t decide if this makes me laugh or cry:

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