Com 475 Welcome: Read and Comment

After you’ve read the post, please leave a comment with your name for credit.

Many of you are familiar enough with this site, but for those who aren’t, this is where you’ll find your assignments, discussions, schedule, syllabus and anything else you need to do well in Com 475.

I expect you to be able to make connections between Com 300 and Com 475, and for those who had me, you might recognize some issues! If there is something you are ever unsure of or don’t know or don’t remember, I’d rather you ask (“What is Cultivation Theory again?”) than be silent. Otherwise I am stuck assuming you know these things.

This class will deal with the relationship between media and society, dealing with many items that are consider “big issues” by media scholars, critics, and communication professionals. It is a seminar class, which means you will be talking A LOT in this class–forming opinions, challenging each other, etc. I will not be lecturing. I fully intend to treat this similar to a graduate seminar (without the extreme pressure of course) which means the focus is on you doing the reading, bringing questions and topics to class and being ready for discussion. I will help get us started until you all get used to the format.

Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions of me if you don’t understand something or want my opinion.

There’s a lot of neat topics we will be covering through the text but if there’s ever something you want to bring up, please do so!



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15 responses to “Com 475 Welcome: Read and Comment

  1. Hi Sarah.
    I’d like to comment on how I feel about the media and politics. I don’t like the recent coverage of the pregnancy of Gov. Palin’s daughter. I think it is irrelevant to the central issues in this year’s election and bears no reflection on Gov. Palin’s qualifications as a possible vice president. Why is this such big news?

  2. Dominic Klos

    Hi Sarah,

  3. Matthew Kushner

    The trip you are taking for the reality tv sounds cool, Sarah. I look forward to hearing more about it.

  4. Dominic Klos

    Hi Sarah,
    Sorry about the post before I hit enter by mistake. Anyways I would just like to talk a little about today’s main stream media. I feel that today’s society is more concerned with what is “in” than any real news. When what celebrity is dating who is more important to the majority of the public I feel we have a real issue. How is who Miley Cirus is dating more important than our slumping economy or the election?

  5. Megan Ohnmeiss

    Hey Sarah! I just wanted to say I’m looking forward to this class. I did some reading already and it looks like it will be interesting. I like hearing both sides of topics and hearing people’s opinions and learning from them.

  6. Ben Dlugosh

    Hi Sarah, I am looking forward to this class

  7. David Bennett

    Cool website…see you in class

  8. Meredith O.

    Looking forward to this class!

  9. Natalie S.

    I definitely agree with Joe Tosto. Honestly who cares that Sarah Palins 17 year old daughter is pregnant? Then Gender and Comm. student in me is also wondering if in fact it was Governor Palins son who got a 17 year old pregnant, would it still be an issue? When the media blows stuff like this out of proportion, it doesnt make me proud to be persuing a career in such a field.

  10. Lisa Cialfi

    I think the media is covering the news about Governor Palin’s daughter so heavily because ‘family values’ are an issue in many American’s eyes. The media would like us to believe that she did a poor job of raising her child if she is pregnant at 17. I do however, think it would be more beneficial to tell us more about what she has actually done or hasn’t done whatever the case may be. A better arguement against her would be that she is the Governor of a state that has a population around the size of Erie County, and she might not have the experience to ‘shake up Washington’ as McCain is suggesting.

    Looking forward to this class Sarah!

  11. Matt Malinowski

    Looking forward to this class

  12. Christina Panuccio

    Hello Sarah, i can’t wait to hear about your reality television trip!

  13. brad robinson

    i swear i’m not doing this 30 mins before class…the time is lieing……oh well, see you in a hal hour…i gotta go because doing this in my current class is very disrespectful to my current prof

  14. Christie Witt

    Awesome, I’m the last one to post…

    Looking forward to yet another course with you!

  15. libby

    ello…so there i posted
    : )

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