Does this mean we should suspend class?

Ok, don’t really answer that, but check out Colbert’s response to McCain’s recent statements.

Sticking with politics, what would you do if your workplace told you you couldn’t have political bumper stickers? How far is too far on the college campus?



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3 responses to “Does this mean we should suspend class?

  1. Dom

    Sarah you better be careful, you might be seen as part of the “liberal” media. The one that picks on the republicans who are just trying to “save” their and their friends wallets…. I mean our country

  2. Joe Tosto

    “Piss off a liberal- work hard and be happy.”

    I saw this bumper sticker today and it made me laugh.

  3. Dom, that’s why I’m not registered with either party. it’s safer for me. I have friends on both sides of the fence, and I’m content to watch them fight it out. I’m too much of a minority to bother jumping in.

    On the “liberal” thing though…it does seem to be that that phrase gets used to refer to anyone who might want to think for themselves.

    Joe, see without bumper stickers you’d have nothing to laugh at while looking for your car

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