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I will also be writing a post on graduate school, since I know many of you are looking into that. KNOW where you want to apply to and go from there. Go directly to companies website and check out if they are hiring. Allow yourself to be slightly picky when searching and interviewing, don’t feel obligated to just take anything. Otherwise, you’ll quit your first job after 2 weeks because you are that unhappy.

Below are tons of links to help you with this whole process. Also check out a website run by one of your peers, where she provides her resume and writing samples! Enjoy!

Job hunting:

Network on LinkedIn, you can hunt for jobs, answer questions (to build your credibility as an expert) and stay connected with everyone important. You can also post your profile (mine is here).

Tips for job hunting

get business cards

Career Fairs at UB

Entry level PR jobs

buffalo helpwanted dot com

Look at Craig’s list for different cities

Tips: I personally don’t care for hotjobs and monster because I NEVER found what I was looking for. Never enter “communication” as your keyword term because you’ll get all kinds of crap sales jobs (business2business, etc) or telemarketing jobs. Also, when you find a company and go for an interview, google the company. If enough people hated working there, there will be forums talking about it and why. That’s keep me from taking some jobs that seemed great until I learned the truth.

Here’s a sample cover letter I wrote for the job I mentioned in class.


List of associations in the US

ICA NCA, are both on the sidebar of this page-both list job openings, mostly for teaching comm. Both have student memberships.

PRSA (they also have a job center)

Advertising Club of Buffalo (their student membership is $20!)

National broadcaster’s association

Before, during and after the interview

Like I mentioned, research the company. Look at their site, google them to get any negative feedback, and come up with a list of questions you want to ask them (Why do you work here, what’s an average day like, what are the benefits–insurance, etc? To name a few.)

During, well it can be a bit overwhelming. Stay focused. Remember that you are interviewing them as much as they you–because you need to decide if you want to work there. Sell yourself, but make them do some work too.

After, send a HAND WRITTEN thank-you note. Trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you want that job.


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