Com 475 Final

HERE is your final paper. I mentioned some topics in class, but I also got to thinking that you can really apply any mass communication theory to a social issue as well. For example, someone used the search terms CSI and Cultivation theory and ended up at my page. Now I wouldn’t have put those together, but the idea of cultivating violence certainly applies to shows like CSI (remember Gerbner thinks it’s applies to all TV). So think outside the box, and do something you are interested in and have an opinion on, as that’s the whole point. Sports people–talk about sports and media and it’s effect on viewers, young audiences, etc.  Once I get your proposals on Tuesday I can further guide you along. Don’t forget to tell me if you’re working with someone and who that is.


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  1. Joe Tosto

    Hello. While reading about regulation of the media in Issue #12, this classic episode of crossfire came to mind. It features one of my all-time favs- Frank Zappa. This episode aired in 1986 and it contains a debate fueled by the formation of the PMRC in 1985 on the censorship of “rock music.” Mr. Zappa participated in the subsequent Senate hearing on the topic. Check it out if you can! You got to love Frank. Well, you don’t have to. But I do!

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