Spring 2009 Students

Welcome S’09 students taking COM 300. This is the official course website, and also my place to comment on the world (particularly the media world) around us.

For Spring 2009, all COM  300 students will be able to find course information (assignments, study guides, schedules, etc) on this site. I expect you to check it regularly because I don’t intend on handing much out. It’ll all be here. I also expect you to participate in online discussions on this weblog–LEAVE ME COMMENTS!! You should be able to not only access the site, but be comfortable finding your way around it. Look around, be sure you can find your class stuff and add this page to your favorites for future reference.

We have lots of theories to cover this semester, I hope you’re all ready!!!


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20 responses to “Spring 2009 Students

  1. Theia Tyes

    found it

  2. Katie Bush

    I found the website.

  3. Michael Osborne

    found it

  4. Sarah Pittorf

    Found the website 🙂

  5. Sharissa Terrell

    I just realized that there is also a cat in that photo of your computer!

  6. Katie Tammaro

    Hey! I’m excited to take your class and I found the website!

  7. profsw

    Sharissa, that’s one of my two babies 🙂 He likes to get in the way.

  8. Brian.M

    This is going to be an interesting class.

  9. Brianna Broad

    Found it 🙂

  10. Brenna G.

    found the website! hip-hip-hooray!

  11. Matt Dunford

    Found the Website.

  12. Courtney Miller

    Found the website!

  13. alyssa

    found the website! =]

  14. Drew

    woo hoo, amazing, I found it!

  15. Chris C

    Found the website

  16. Kristy R.

    Hello Sarah! Another fun semester to come! Yay!

  17. hey hey hey hey
    hey hey hey hey
    lets go buffalo
    lets go buffalo

    buh buh buh buh buh

    the bills make me wanna…


  18. Jasmine McCoy



  19. Marc Chaffee

    Found the site

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