Study guide for test 1

Essay question 1: Consider the 2 definitions of communication we went over (the lengthy one and the one from your book). Which do you feel is a better definition? What is missing from these definitions? How should communication be defined?

Essay Question 2: In your book, (ch 3) when talking about Interpretive Standards for good com theory we are told We are the cause and consequence of what we observe. What does this mean in YOUR OPINION.

Multiple choice and short answer

Be able to identify the 7 traditions (we will do this on Friday)
Be able to identify the difference between a rhetorician (interpretive scholar) and a social scientist (behavior/object scholar)
Book’s def of com
the SMRC model I drew for you (can YOU draw it?)
Theory (ch 1)
Research terms such as experiment, survey, control group, textual analysis, ethnography
ID standards for objective theories and interpretive theories (ch 3)
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
Shannon and Weaver’s model of com (and Shannon’s def of information)

Essay questions should be more than one paragraph, give me a clear concise answer. The rest will be measured through matching, identification (multiple choice), true/false or short answer (one or two words). Everything is in your text book and your notes. Some stuff we didn’t go in depth with in class, but is still in the book. Study with a friend!

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