By now we’ve all heard about the woman who had octuplets, while already having 6 little ones at home.  Did her doctors do the right thing? Do you agree with what she did? How about the media coverage of the whole event?




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4 responses to “Ethics

  1. Spacey

    I don’t understand what ethics has to do with this! I am ready to believe that she got her eight eggs fertilized by accident and what do you expect the doctors to do other than do their best to keep em alive?

    Personally, I’d say she is a brave woman. She may have a tough time, both financial support wise and with the physical effort needed in raising those kids.

    I do agree on one point though, the overwhelming media coverage, but on the positive side, it may help her raise money if needed.
    Cheers…and may The One shower the mother and her brood with health and happiness…

  2. profsw

    Spacey, there was an article in our local paper about the medical ethics regarding this specific situation and that’s what got me thinking (besides the obvious media coverage!). Remember this was done through IVF so a doctor had to make some choices here. Typically a woman of her age is only give a couple eggs at a time because multiple babies can cause significant issues for mom and babies. It’s not like she had eight eggs in her and had sex. Were the doctors irresponsible for putting her in potential harm in the first place? For not following normal safety guidelines?

    I also wonder about the long term effect of media coverage on these children. They don’t deserve to grow up under such a media circus, regardless of how much money/support it might give them.

  3. I think it is all a ploy to make some “bank” in an age where nearly anyone with 5 or more kids gets there own reality television show. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is a great example. They do nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing at all.

    This woman will more than likely get offered millions to put her 14 children on the some sort of show, not because they are talented, but because she has 14 of them!

  4. mike osborne

    I still think a reality show with her and the pregnant man would be ratings gold.

    But seriously, I still wonder how a woman with no partner, no job and no source of income gets insurance approval on this type of operation.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a good percentage of Americans can’t afford to see a doctor when they are sick, while this woman, who obviously will be forced to milk the system for life, gets approved for such a gross misuse of medical technology.

    As for bravery, I’d say attention starved sounds more like it.

    Personally, i think that there are probably 8 families somewhere in America that could benefit by adopting these children and saving them from the freak show that there life is about to become.

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