Review Questions, test 3

Some questions sent to me:

Ch 14 1. when you ask about when ego involvement is higher or lower: is it high ego = high LR and low ego = high LA??
Ch 14: Ego involvement is how much the issue matters to you. So high ego involvement means the person also has a high latitude of rejection. They are very firm on their position. (Think of someone who feels VERY STRONGLY about something. How hard are they to talk to?) Low ego involvement means the issue doesn’t really matter much to them at all, therefore they have a high latitude of noncommittal. Think about it, if you’re noncommittal on something you really don’t care one way or another.
So….High LR = high ego involvement
High NC = low ego involvement
2. what makes the most persuasive argument?? is that the Boomerang effect
The most persuasive argument is not the boomerang effect. The most persuasive argument is on that falls JUST IN the range of Latitude of acceptance. So you know where the ranges are for a given person—the most persuasive argument is one that is still in the latitude of acceptance but is further from anchor point.
Ch 16 3. what is the goal of the cog dis theory? is it justify internal conflict
Ch 16: the goal of Cog. dis Theory is (like all theories) to predict behavior/attitude in certain situations. Specifically: to explain why people change their attitudes when they do things they don’t believe.
4. what causes post decisions dissonance? is it big decisions
Several things cause post-decision dissonance: A big decision, one that took a long time to make, (the longer it takes, the more dissonance we experience,) One that might have cost us (like buying a house or a car), that it’s an important issue or decision and that it’s something that can’t be (or is hard to) reverse once the decision is made.


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