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SPE 330: Small Group Communication

This website is where you will find all the information you need for this course. On the tabs above you can click on SPE 330 to check any assignments, course work, etc. that you need to know about. You can also check this main page that you are on right now, as this is the only course that will be using this page this semester.

The syllabus is available here:
Small Group Communication Syllabus

You are responsible for leaving a comment on this post by the time we meet next week for this week’s participation credit.¬† This is so I know that you can access the site without issue. From here on out it is your responsibility to check the website for assignments and class information.


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Some sample content for a weblog

[Note: this post was created for a mini sample speech on using weblogs as a teaching tool.]

You can:

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So much going on

1. The Late Night Wars. I don’t watch any of these guys, so who wants to chime in?

2. Google and China, will they stay together? Fall apart? Should Google pull out?

3. (I’m not linking here) Tiger Woods. How are we still talking about this? Why is it news?

What have I missed?

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