Midterm Assignment

Your Task: In your groups that you’ve been working in, you will create a game. Think of it as a game that will be boxed up and sold in stores. You have a lot of free reign of the details of your project. Before you get too far in planning the presentation, read pg 245-253. (Start at bottom of 245.) I will be looking to see you incorporate what you’ve learned from your reading in your oral and written work.

Oral Presentation: When your group presents:

  • Specify the age group you are targeting.
  • Rules of the game must be easily understood and clearly explained
  • Demonstrate to the class how to play. (Your group may play or you may have volunteers play.)
  • Tell use how you came up with the game and what purpose it might serve (ex: educational, fun, team building, etc.)
  • How would you sell your product? How will you make it appealing to your target audience? (Consider audience demographics, etc.)
  • EVERYONE in your group must participate in the oral presentation.

Your grades will be based on:

  • Creativity. You don’t want your game to be too similar to what’s already out there.
  • Oral presentation (did you include everything above? Was it understandable and clear? Think of your public speaking skills!!!)
  • Grades your group members give you
  • Group cohesiveness.
  • Written materials.

Written materials: (MUST BE TYPED)

A. As a group you must turn in the following (as in 1 per group)

  1. One agenda for one meeting your group has about the midterm project. Suggestion—create an agenda tonight for next week’s meeting.
  2. Referring to your notes and chapter 7: What decision making strategies did your group use? Why wouldn’t certain strategies suggested in the text work for this project? (Look at this BEFORE you start planning your project, so it’s fresh!)

B. Each INDIVIDUAL group member must also turn in types responses to:

  1. Refer to chapter 2 and what we discussed about group cohesiveness and member satisfaction. Provide your thoughts on these two issues based on the work your group has done together for the last few weeks. What positively or negatively impacts these two issues? What could you/the group have done differently? How is it consistent with the textbook?
  2. Chapter 3: Traits. What Com and Personality traits did you notice in your group members? (Be specific.) How did it impact your group’s ability to work together? What did you learn about communicating with others from this? How did information flow between group members? Were some more connected that others?
  3. Grading your group members: Provide a grade (letter of out of 100) for EACH group member, with a reasonable explanation for this grade. (Do not say “we all deserve A’s because we all participated equally.” I won’t believe it.)

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